I had my first experience organizing an art exhibition. I invited, together with Coimbr'a Pedal, the artist Xavier Almeida to exhibit on a bike repair shop in downtown Coimbra. It’s part of the convergent event of Coimbra’s Art Bienal.

The full description:

An exhibition focusing on one of the objects of study of the artist Xavier Almeida; the use of the bicycle as a socio-political enabler and transformer.

Not as a “romanticisation” of the bicycle, but as an exercise in implosive revolutionary symbolism in the organisation of cities, as well as its capacity for “decapitalisation” and anti-hygienisation of bodies and urban space.
The exhibition is spread across various media, such as comics, video, sound and installation.

Xavier Almeida (Ovar, Portugal, 1980) lives and works in Lisbon. Transdisciplinary artist, focusing on installation, painting, comics, publishing, sound, performance and social architecture.

Founder of the Estrela Decadente collective, with which he mainly produces fanzines, concerts and actions. Xavier Almeida’s work is linked to the underground and counter-culture side of cities, collaboration with spaces of resistance and an anti-form aesthetic as capitalist and classist dissolution.