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Technician at Rádio Baixa. Host of Posto.
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You can’t afford to be number two, or to have a “good enough” product. It has to be remarkably good, by which I mean, so good that people remark about it. The lagniappe that you get from the really, really, really talented software developers is your only hope for remarkableness.

Hitting the High Notes by Joel Spolsky

Weekend reading

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New website(s)

In order to increase the frequency of my posts, I’ve changed this blog to a Tumblr account. I hope the service’s simplicity helps.

Meanwhile, I’ve been accumulating project ideas, clearly too many for me. So I opened up another Tumblr where I can dump them, and where they might inspire others. It’s called Ideas Notebook. Go check it out.


Notebooks is one of those items I love looking at. I usually carry my faithful reporter moleskine. Yesterday I saw a mention of the gorgeous About:Blank notebook, and I though to share with you some nice alternatives to the moleskine:

Field Notes


MUJI notebooks

If you still haven’t found your perfect notebook, your can always make your own.